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Hello, people, or rather, magicians, I'm a 16 year old illusionist, in delhi, and mainly I give, stage performances of my art of magic. I give, full 1 hour shows, in schools, functions etc. I also perform close up magic using cards, ropes and alot more.. You gotta keep an eye on this blog if you wanna learn tricks.... If you wish to get a show fixed, contact me on anubhavmagic@gmail.com

Friday, December 25, 2009

Helix Cut(190)

Rating: Easy

Nitroze cut

Now this is a good cut to perform but it's tutorial is a bit boring. So, you can manage to view it full, please do manage with this tutorial till i make mine own.Please from the pic in video it looks like sybil.don't confuse it with sybil,it's different from sybil.

And, take my advice for it, Don't try to do it as fast as this kid in video is doing. Keep it at a moderate speed but try and make it smoother. It will have a 1000 times better effect then.

Rating: Moderately Easy

Impulse cut

Tutorial included

Rating: A little difficult

The russian pyramid

Here's it

Rating: Moderate

Monday, December 7, 2009


Hey folks, I'll introduce card fans in this post. Being able to fan cards properly is very important to win your audience. There are mainly 5 types of popular fans. The thumb fan, index fan, Riffle fan, jaspas inverse fan and best of all, the pressure fan. I'll put all of them in this very post along with some fanning performances to inspire you.

first a little performance-

Now a tutorial for a basic fan-

Now the thumb fan and the index fan-

The jaspas inverse fan-

Riffle fan-

and now the pressure fan-
Please it has been disabled by the user to be embedded, so instead click the link or try to play the video and then click 'Watch on youtube'

Also try this one out:link

So,of all these fans,pressure is the best. Do practice it!

Revolution cut

Hello people, You'll find this particular cut is used a lot in many flourishes one such example is RMD cut by Kent. He uses it as a combo in the end. so do learn it.

Rating: moderately easy


Hello people. this is Firewerm tutorial.

Rating: Easy

Monday, November 23, 2009


Here's the sybil Cut.

Rating: Easy


This is a cool card flourish

Rating:Moderately difficult

Kent's fourth performance(return of Kent)

this one's amazing

Rating:outstanding performance

Kent's third performance

here it is

Rating: extremely skilled Performance

Kent's First performance

here's an opportunity to know about the cuts Kent has created. to learn these, I'll have to put up separate posts for each cut which I'll do when i get time.

Rating:Good performance(inspiring)

Violin cut

A tutorial by Kent:Performance included

Rating: Moderate(easy)


Hello, this is buck eye cut, with tutorial. Enjoy!

Rating: Very difficult

Moonwalk cut

Another cut by Kent

Rating: Moderately difficult

Performance:Kent's Second performance

Hello people, here's the first performance of ellusionist kent.

Rating: Amazing performance.no tutorial available.

RMD cut

Hello fokes, this video has it's performance and tutorial both.This cut as well as it's video has been made by Illusionist Kent. It's one of the most impressive cuts,I just love it.

Learn it well, it needs a quite a bit of practice.

Rating: Moderately Difficult

I'll upload Kent's all videos but if you wanna go to his youtube channel, click the link.
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